Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ironing board cover

If your ironing board is looking a bit shabby, you can recover it with ironing board fabric.  Just $6.97 a yard and 45" wide.  It can also be used for pot holders, and trivet pads.  It's 100% cotton with aluminum coating yet lightweight and easy to work with.

Project: Hot Pads

Supplies-(2) 8X8 pieces cotton print fabric
              (2) 8X8 pieces cotton batting (warm & natural)
              (1) 8X8 piece of ironing board cover
               1 Yard bias tape

Cut cotton fabric into 8X8 squares.  Cut 8X8 squares of cotton batting (warm & natural). Cut 8X8 square of ironing board cover.  Stack fabric, batting, ironing board fabric, batting, and fabric. Finish with bias tape around the edges. 
For personalized pot holders, instead of cotton print fabric, cut pre-washed muslin into 8X8 squares and let children draw pictures with fabric pencils.  Sew as above.  Great for Christmas presents.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Burlap has recently made a comeback (that is, if it was ever popular) in exterior and interior design.  It's rough look and feel brings a rustic "vibe" to almost any decor.  Burlap has recently sold for tablecloths, chair covers, and bed skirts.  Many weddings this year will feature burlap table runners, table centers, seat back covers, or vase covers for centerpieces.  Once used only for covering springs in a chair, it has blossomed into a multi-use "fabric" that has unlimited uses.  So, feel free to use burlap for anything from your chair to your wedding decor.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Case foam

 If you need your gun protected in its case, then come visit Alan. He can personalize the case to keep your gun from moving around.  He has also worked on telescope cases, microphone cases, tool boxes, and many others.  Just leave the case with him, in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon depending on the size of the case.  Alan will customize it for you.  Talk to him on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday.